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Argentine Tango Classes Sundays in Boulder

Argentine Tango Classes Sundays in Boulder

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Sunday Afternoons - 5:30 - 6:30. $80/8 weeks.
Event is Weekly
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Please note that classes are not in session until it is safe to dance together.

I suggest immersing yourself in the Golden Era tango music, such as the orchestras listed on my tango music for dancing page.

Argentine Tango series in Boulder on Sundays at 5:30

These classes will focus on social tango with a strong emphasis on fundamentals and dancing to the music. I use short patterns rather than long sequences. That means you will be navigating and dancing from Day 1. We repeat the steps each week so you can remember them and build muscle memory. That also means you can miss a class and still keep up. I will offer make up time slots later in February.

The Welcome to Tango class on Jan 19 attracted more than a dozen friendly dancers. Most of the guys already have a lot of dance and/or tango experience. 

Cost: $80/8 weeks. Drop-in: $12/class 

A follow-on 8-week series will start March 22, 2020.

Please Contact me to reserve a space. Email or phone:

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