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Historic Denver Tango Festivals

Preview Cheesman Pavilion

Denver Tango Festivals: 1999 - 2015

The mission statement for the Denver Tango festivals was always "By dancers; for dancers." 

In other words I've always felt that the needs and desires of the dancers should be the priority. To that end, I value and emphasize three things: 

  • Most important: the quality of the DJ & the music
  • Organize of the dance floor to enable good dance flow
  • Provied everyone a seat so that the cabaceo was easy.


Vintate Tom
Vintage Tango Teacher

I produced the Denver Tango Festivals for 15 years, Memorial & Labor Day weekends. These were some of the largest tango festivals in the US during the first decade of the 2000s. I was happy to take a break for the past 7 years, during which I recovered my passion for teaching and dancing Argentine Tango. 

The Denver Close-Encounters Tango Festival is a return to the original mission, which emphasized the social dancing of the milongueros that witnessed in Buenos Aires on my first visits.

Tom Stermitz   

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