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Fatima Hirji

Fatima Hirji

Fatima Hirji began her tango journey in the UK. She fell in love with the elegance, energy, playfulness, romance, and sometimes quirkiness of tango movement. 

Her observance and dedication to provide the best possible mix of tandas from 1930's 40's and 50's inspire dancers to express their tango stories.

For Fatima, the layered emotions and stories in tango movement are connected to the music which she feels is essential to the continued energy and connection to everyone on the floor.

Fatima DJ's at traditional and alternative milongas for Tango Colorado, Locotango. and Milonga Mercurial.  She had also been a Festival DJ for Toronto Tango Exchange, Tango on the Rocks, and UniTango and will be a DJ for Denver Close Encounter 2023.