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Argentine Tango is a thrilling dance which can be flashy and athletic or intimate and tender. I teach the "social style Argentine Tango", meaning the style as danced by normal social dancers in the nightclubs of Buenos Aires today. It is more of a "walking meditation" than a bunch of fancy moves typical of performance tango. In this style, the music, the connection and your partner are the most important elements.

Video: Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Video: Moscow - TV Broadcast.

Tom has developed an effective beginner curriculum, that develops multiple skills at the same time: music, improvisation, connection and technique. The curriculum addresses the different learning experiences of men and women. It is easy for men to remember, and gets both men and women out social dancing as soon as possible.




Tom Stermitz

Teaching in Denver, Boulder & Fort Collins since 1996, Tom is a specialist in the rhythmic, close-embrace social style of tango typical of many clubs in Buenos Aires. This specialty has earned him invitations to workshops and Tango Festivals around the US and abroad, including Berlin, Moscow, Ann Arbor, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Portland, San Francisco, Champaign/Urbana, and Hawaii.

Tom was instrumental in the founding and development of the active and energetic Denver tango community. Tom is the Founder and Producer of the Denver Tango Festivals over the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. During the 2000s, these festivals were two of the top 10 tango festivals in the US, drawing 400-500 dancers. The philosophy of these festivals was to emphasize social dancing rather than performances. We hired great DJs, chose accessible, friendly teachers, and arranged the dance floors to optimize the social dance experience. Tom Created the San Diego Tango Festival and ran it for 6 years before turning it over to San Diego tango community.