Daniel Trenner

Daniel Trenner

Daniel Trenner

Daniel Trenner has been a professional dancer since 1979. He is the President of International Tango Productions, Inc. which publishes the Tango Catalogue and runs the Bridge to the Tango Tour Program. He is also the Director of

About Daniel Trenner

Bridge to the Tango Video, through which he has produced 47 volumes of instructional video. These projects were born out of his desire to facilitate contact between the Argentine and North American social dance comunities.

Previous to his work with the Tango, Daniel founded C. A., Inc. a Massachusetts non profit educational corp., and the Chakta Dance Ensemble in Boston. He toured in Europe in the 80's as a solo tap dance artist, after having spent four years with Brenda Bufalino's Jazz Tap Company.

His work with the Argentine tango includes dance partnerships with Rebecca Shulman, Florencia Taccetti, Elina Roldan, Anne Marie Duquette, Mariela Franganello, Cynthia Zebergs, and Zoraida Fontclara. He has studied the tango since 1986 with such notable teachers as Miguel and Nelly Balmecera, Antonio Todaro, Juan Bruno, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Rodolfo and Maria Ceiri, Gustavo Naviera, Olga Besio, Eduardo Arquimbau, Pupi Castello & Graciela Gonzalez, Miguel Zotto, Tomi O'Connell, Pedro 'Tete' Rusconi & Sylvia Ceriani, and Maria Villalobos.

His background prior to tango includes a Masters in Dance from Lesley College, in Cambridge, Mass. in 1984, studies in body work and developmental movement at The School for Body Mind Centering in Amherst, Mass., a 20 year membership in the Dance New England Community, and a three year apprenticeship with Tap master Leon Collins (82-84). His notable teachers include Bill T. Jones, Brenda Bufalino, Titos Sompa, Nancy Stark Smith, Amy Elsworth, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Leon Collins, and Rogilio Rivel.

As a teacher and performer Daniel has traveled to more than 75 cities on four continents in the last 20 years.

As a teacher Daniel is dedicated to social dance in both its traditional and experimental forms. He believes that dance is a vehicle for building community, and that it can be an effective tool for sustaining energy and focus in groups of all kinds.