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Ft Collins Tango Classes


W e offer Argentine Tango lessons in Fort Collins, Colorado in group or private settings. Tom has 16 years of tango teaching experience as he was one of the first Argentine Tango teachers in Colorado, starting in 1996. Amy was a school teacher who taught tango in New England before moving to Colorado 4 years ago.

Tango is a complex dance steeped in a respect for history and tradition that moves the dancer beyond just dancing and into a worldwide community. Tango requires and expects a commitment to training and developing your skills over time. Our program offers a progressive sequence of classes from Beginner to Adv-beginner to Intermediate and beyond.

Every tango teacher emphasizes different things at the beginning; we start with music, connection and short, simple, easy-to-remember steps rather than longer sequences, because we feel that makes the learning process easier, especially for the men. We also integrate our lessons with the rich fabric of Tango traditions with the unwritten "codes of the dance hall" and encourage students to learn not just how to Tango, but how to successfully navigate the Tango community of lessons, practicas, milongas, and festivals.

Our goal at the first-lesson is for you to have a fun and entertaining experience. By the end of the class you will successfully "get around the dance floor with a partner", otherwise known as dancing.

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